Dr. Patricia Benz

Patty received her bachelor’s degree in Physical Therapy from the University of Kentucky in 1986. She, along with her husband, owned and operated a large private practice in KY for many years. After 15 years as a PT and Certified Hand Therapist, she went down to part-time to stay home with their children. She volunteered in Haiti in 2011-13 through the University of Miami Hospital and PT Help for Haiti. She completed her transitional DPT in 2012 from EIM. In 2015 she began working with Fit for Work and Worksteps doing pre-employment screens along with opening a few more clinics. Since 2001, she has completed multiple chart reviews PRN for various companies. In 2016 she completed her Therapeutic Pain Specialist certification through ISPI and began participating in research involving the education of middle school children on “How Pain Works.” She continues to work to educate the public in general and specifically with multiple school systems to educate entire grades, annually, about pain. She also enjoys golfing, cycling, wine making, painting, traveling, and spending time with family.