Dr. Kelly Weiss-Kreps
Doctor of Osteopathy

Kelly Weiss-Kreps has a Doctorate of Osteopathic Medicine from Des Moines University. She completed her residency in adult psychiatry as well as a fellowship in child and adolescent psychiatry from Sanford University of Medicine. She has worked with the VA for over 10 years including being the sole psychiatrist for a 60 bed residential treatment unit serving Veterans with severe mental illness, PTSD, homelessness and/or recently released from jail or prison. She was a teacher and liaison in Japan for the Monbusho Ministry of Education. Dr. Weiss-Kreps is a member of the Iowa Association of County Medical Examiners and a certified death investigator. Her special interests include treatment resistant complex patients, suicide management, psychotherapy, addictions, trauma and grief. She enjoys family time, walking, road trips and finding the balance between order and chaos to build a meaningful life.