Dr. César Fernández de las Peñas

César earned his physical therapy degree as well as a master’s degree in public health from the Universidad Rey Jaun Carlos in Madrid and a DO from the Universidad Alcala de Henares also in Spain. He earned Ph.D’s in biomedical sciences from Aalborg Universitym in Denmark and in physical therapy from the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos. He has published extensively centering on clinical human pain research, drug screening and interaction between motor control and chronic pain. The most relevant topics of his research focus on neck pain, headache and the neurophysiological effects of manual therapy. In addition, he focuses on biomedical sciences within neuroscience which includes a network of international collaborations. César has participated in numerous conferences with related published abstracts and proceedings and has given lectures at Spanish as well as other international universities and hospitals. He is a frequent invited lecturer at international meetings, workshops and seminars. He teaches physiotherapists at the university level and supervises Ph.D. students. He is founder and head of the Esthesiology Laboratory, Universidad Rey Juan Carlos.