Ina Diener

Ina Diener is a private practice physical therapist, part time lecturer and PhD advisor from Cape Town South Africa with over 30 years experience in orthopedic manual therapy. Dr. Diener completed her physical therapy training in South Africa following stringent orthopedic manual therapy training at the University of Stellenbosch and subsequent PhD from the University of the Western Cape. Dr. Diener is truly an internationally renowned expert in orthopedic manual therapy with numerous papers, conference presentations and workshops all over the world, including presentations at IFOMT, the WCPT, MPA Australia, Congress of the European Headache Federation, International Congress of the Spine and many more. Dr. Diener has presented in over a dozen countries, yet finds herself working tirelessly in the clinic with patients dealing with complex, persistent pain. Although trained in a stringent Australian-Maitland approach, Dr. Diener has become a holistic manual therapist, embracing various philosophies of manual therapy and a deep hunger to continually learn.